Signing Certificate

Developer Certificate


The most stable solution for signing your apps. Perfect solution for enterprise apps, which eager for stability and user experience. User can open the app right after the install, no manual"Trust Certificate" needed, Unlimited Install.

Enterprise Certificate

Perfect for huge user base

We offer different tiers of enterprise certificates to meet your various needs for app or game distribution. Our private certificate can ensure the stability while keep your cost affordable. Perfect solution for high user volume mobile games or apps.


Supper Signing, Sign with Developer Certificate

Developer Certificate Signing

Sign ios apps with Developer Certificate

Very stable Developer Certificate resources, Stable and non-revoke.Same device can download multiple times, Unlimited number of install.

Private Signing, Private Enterprise Certificate

Enterprise Certificate Signing

Sign ios apps with Enterprise Certificate

Very stable private Enterprise Certificate. Exclusive to elite customer and limited. replace for free if revoked. Unlimited number of install.


How long does the app signature process take?

The non signed IPA package is uploaded to the website management background, and the online signature can be completed in a few seconds.

What is the difference between developer certificate and enterprise certificate?

Developer certificates need to be bound with iphone UDID software to install, "joinsign" can automatically bind user's UDID, no manual input is required. The enterprise certificate does not need to be bound with any information, and the customer can install it after signing directly.

Can the signed app be found on app store?

No! Certificate signing App distribution is sent to users for installation through download link, it can't be searched and downloaded on app store.

Do I need to provide the source code of app to realize the signature service?

No need to provide, only need to provide AD-HOC version of the installation package in ipa format.The maximum application package size does not exceed 1024M. There is no need to provide an apple developer certificate or enterprise certificate, it doesn't need to be audited by Apple App store.

If you need to update the app, do you need to pay again?

No, you can update app for free in the website management background. After updating, users need to be reminded to upgrade the latest version

How to solve the problem of APP flash back?

Confirm whether your app signature service has expired, If the time has not expired, you can uninstall and reload immediately.

Can the price be more favorable?

If you buy more the price can be discount.